WE LOVE PARIS Pendrey Drug Store Paris,Idaho

The Pendrey Grocery or Paris Corner store was built in

The Pendrey Drug Store or the Paris Corner Store was built in the 1890's . The brick work was done by the Tueller family. The brick used to build the store was made in Paris. Inside it has a tin ceiling. The store is one of the oldest commercial buildings left on Main Street. The store is the only reminder of commercial building before the turn of the century in Paris.

The store is in need of repairs and will be taken down in April and will be lost forever. Friends United for Bear Lake would like to help preserve this historic sturcture.

Louan Christiansen and Jim Roberts has a deep love for the building.

In the childhood part of our minds, Pendrey Grocery will always be "grandpa's store."

Jim's memories:

Grandpa was a big tall guy and I was such a little boy. I only remember being in the store twice. It was like walking into an episode of the "Gunsmoke" t.v. show. Grandpa told me that doctors and lawyers had offices upstairs. I thought my grandpa must be a very important person. People spoke to him respectively and listened to him. I was just a proud grandson.

One time when I was there, the man who owned the store was there. I thought grandpa owned it at the time so when Grandpa said "pick out some candy" I felt like the luckiest kid in the world. I feel like I picked out a lot of candy and was surprised when grandpa paid for it (about 50 cents).

Louan's memories

I love the story my mom (Ruth Marie Pendrey Roberts) told me about walking to grandpa's store after school and breaking off a chunk of chocolate to lay on the window sill at the front of the store so the sun could melt it before she ate it. It was more fun to stay at the store with grandpa than to walk home.

Another favorite story was one told at grandpa's funeral. Late one afternoon, a customer walked into grandpa's store, picked up a head of lettuce and called to grandpa, "Arthur, is this lettuce any good?" grandpa responded, "I'll tell you what, I'll give it to you and if it's not good come back in the morning and I'll give you your money back!"

We also grew up with a quiet story seldom told of how Grandpa would sneak rations into the grocery bags of those in need during WWII rather than take their ration stamps.

One of my favorite stories is the one he often told about the second telephone in Paris being installed in the grocery store. The first phone was put in Shepherd's store and the "phone #2 was put in grandpa's store. The story goes that the phone was installed and the man who installed it said, "now when I get to Montpelier, I will give you a call." Everyone waited anxiously and when the phone finally rang, grandpa answered it and shouted as loud as he could, "Hello!" The fellow on the other end calmly said, "You don't have to shout son."

We never drive through Paris without reminding whoever is in the car, "There's grandpa's store." For us, it is still a jewel on a quiet corner and if we close our eyes, or tall, generous, smart, kind grandpa is still standing inside listening to and enjoying wonderful people.

If you have a memory of the Pendrey Store or the Corner Store please share it with us.

at friendsunitedforbearlake@gmail.com.

If you have stories and pictures of the old structures in Bear Lake please share these with us and we will put them on this blog.

If you would like to help us preserve buildings like this one please contact us. Together we can make a difference.

We are looking for an structural engineer and an architect to help with the preservation of the store if anyone with these skills could help. Contact us at our email at friendsunitedforbearlake@gmail.com of call 208-221-8026 or

mail us at Friends United for Bear Lake

P.O. Box 328

Paris, Idaho 83261

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