Current Goal:

Original 1863 Thomas Sleight Cabin

  • Preservation

  • Historical Panels

  • Electricity to Park

  • Sprinkler system


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Friends United for Bear Lake

P.O Box 328

Paris, Idaho 83261

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Amount raised:  $6,000          Goal: $20,000

Received a $5,000 grant from Idaho Heritage Trust

To preserve our history and architecture through the promotion of local arts and crafts.

 Bring people together for a common cause - develop pride in our communities - preserve historic structures - promote valuable art and culture in our valley

2020 Events

Week of  July 14th - 17th

Paint In Paris 


Saturday July 18th

"Meet Me In Paris" Heirloom Day 

Saturday September 12th 

Folklore and Apple Cider Cemetery Walk 





  The  Journey to  Re-purpose  the  Courthouse

Once the new Courthouse is built, the County Commissioners plan to tear the old courthouse down. 

Our goal: re- purpose the old courthouse, encourage economic and community use, and preserve its history for future generations.

"The early Saint and Settlers in the Bear Lake Valley were mostly farmers and ranchers.  They were practical people that had a vision of something that was much grander than themselves and they made it happen. "


The courthouse will be demolish 

this year

After meeting with the County Commissioners on January 13th Friends United for Bear Lake Plan to re-purpose the courthouse was turned down.  This was a three year plan that would provide money to the county and not use any tax payers money.  If you would like a copy of the plan please Email to request a copy.

The County Commissioner's stated that the community had voted to demolish the courthouse.  Is this true?  If you would like to help to keep this building contact your County Commissioners

Courthouse to be demolished ! read more below

  Why the City of Paris and the Old County Courthouse Are Important?

 David Amott from Utah Preservation


"Architecturally speaking , Paris is one of the richest of the Pioneer-era Mormon towns.  The courthouse was built         

more or less in tandem with Don Carlos Young's Bear Lake Stake Tabernacle; the two buildings make a pair.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

The Courthouse, Stake Tabernacle and the Logan Temple were all being built or prepared for at the same time.  This   shows how important the courthouse was to the early settlers in the valley. "                                                                    

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